Last Updated: 8/17/15

Apply for Sponsorship

Readiness Checklist

The Organizational Readiness Checklist is intended for organizations who wish to determine if they have the capability to meet the standards and guidelines for participation in the Portfolio Program.  It is recommended that you review the standards and guidelines prior to completing this checklist to understand specific expectations regarding participation in the Portfolio Program.

Organizations that cannot confidently answer “yes” to all of the items below are unlikely to be approved for participation.

Readiness Checklist

  1. My organization is committed to quality improvement at the senior level (CEO, senior management team, Board of Directors).
  2. My organization has a senior leader for quality and safety.
  3. My organization has demonstrated competence in sponsoring quality improvement efforts that utilize rigorous quality improvement methodologies.
  4. My organization will not use pharmaceutical or device manufacturer funding for the development of content of quality improvement efforts eligible for MOC credit.
  5. My organization is committed to supporting meaningful physician participation in strategically aligned quality improvement efforts; including a willingness to commit necessary resources and consider MOC a requirement for medical staff privileges for eligible physicians.
  6. My organization is willing to adjudicate any disputes relative to meaningful physician participation in a quality improvement effort for MOC credit.
  7. My organization provides quality improvement education and training to physicians.
  8. My organization is willing to form an internal review committee (or adapt an existing committee) to approve quality improvement efforts for MOC credit using the standards and guidelines of the Portfolio Program.
  9. My organization is willing to share lessons learned and best practices in quality improvement and organizational support of quality improvement with other Portfolio Sponsors.
  10. My organization is willing to submit ongoing physician completion data and periodic progress reports required as a participant in the Portfolio Program.
  11. My organization will allocate personnel and resources to oversee, administer, and document meeting the standards and guidelines of the Portfolio Program.


Organizational Profile

To participate in the Portfolio Program, an organization must first submit an Organizational Profile.  To access this document, set up an account in the MOC Activity Manager (MOCAM). The Organizational Profile is available from the Home page in the MOCAM system and captures information about the infrastructure and governance planned for your Portfolio Program, as well as details about how the organization plans, implements and monitors quality improvement projects for physicians.  It is also requires that an applicant describe how the organization will ensure meaningful physician participation and support an adjudication process in the event there is a dispute between a physician requesting MOC credit and those monitoring physician participation for the completion of a QI project.

Upon submission of the Organizational Profile, two important things take place.

  1. An Application invoice will be generated and will be sent electronically via the MOCAM system. Of note, the results of the review will not be released until the Application Fee has been received.
  2. Portfolio Program staff begin the process of inviting Reviewers to your application. This is sometimes the most challenging and time-consuming part of the Application process, as we have multiple competing and busy schedules to contend with. These experts volunteer their time, and occasionally have to decline an invitation if they have other obligations in the immediate future that would prohibit them from completing a timely Review. Portfolio Program staff continue to invite Reviewers until three have accepted. Once a Reviewer accepts the invitation, they can begin and we ask that their feedback and comments be returned within eight weeks. Due to the human factor, Reviewers’ completions can thus be staggered in terms the eight weeks.

QI Examples

Following the Organizational Profile is the submission of three QI projects that exemplify the planning, implementation and monitoring of organizational QI projects that were described in the Organizational Profile.   These examples may cross specialties or be specialty-specific but do not need to cover all participating ABMS Member Boards.

Upon submission, each of the above documents is reviewed by our QI and content experts (Reviewers with a capital ‘R’) in order to determine if the organization can meet Portfolio Program Standards and Guidelines, given the information provided.

Feedback and Sponsorship Decision

Reviewer Feedback and Comments

Portfolio Program Reviewers may ask for more information, clarification, or general questions about either section of the Application.  In the event Reviewers ask for further information, the Application is sent back to the submitter for review and response.  This process may occur more than once.

If you have questions about the application process please contact Ann Williamson at: .

Sponsorship Decision

Once a decision has been made regarding the approval status of an Application, the submitter will be notified electronically via MOCAM.  If the decision is an approval, a New Sponsor invoice will be generated and sent electronically, again, via MOCAM.  Of note, New Sponsors will not be able to submit QI projects or physician completions until the New Sponsor fee has been received.

Program Fees

Program fees are set by the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program Board of Directors and are based on the ability of the Portfolio Program to self-sustain.   Fees included in the Portfolio Program, effective January 1, 2015, are as follows:

  1. Sponsor Application fee: $1,500, due upon submission of Organizational Profile.  (Note that applicants will proceed to the next phase of the application process after the application fee has been received.)
  2. New Sponsor /Renewal fee: $6,000, due upon approval as a Portfolio Program Sponsor, or at time of renewal.  (Note that New Sponsors will have the ability to add projects and submit completions after the New Sponsor fee has been received.)


For further information about how to become a Portfolio Program Sponsor, please contact Program Coordinator, Jamaal Diggins at: