How to Become a Reviewer for the Portfolio Program

Last Updated: 2/19/2015

The Portfolio Program depends on volunteers to help review potential new portfolio sponsors and organizational quality improvement initiatives using standards and guidelines developed by the Portfolio Program. Reviewers include professionals with expertise in quality improvement, and those with broad medical knowledge within a specialty. Reviewers have an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of quality improvement within leading organizations and at a national level to improve the quality of care for patients. They will also help guide the future of the Portfolio Program and have the unique opportunity to learn about quality and performance improvement efforts in different health care organizations. Serving as a reviewer can help with career and/or academic advancement. Individuals are selected on their personal qualifications and are not representatives of their parent organizations.

We are looking for three types of reviewers:

  1. Professionals with expertise in quality improvement to review sponsor organization applications to the Portfolio Program.
  2. Professionals with expertise in quality improvement to review sponsor organization progress reports (selected projects used by diplomates in the sponsor organization portfolio to meet MOC part IV requirements)
  3. Physician experts from various specialties to serve as condition-specific subject matter expert resources to the quality improvement reviewers, should questions about a specialty-specific item arise.

We ask reviewers to commit to a three-year term. There are no term limits as long as individuals continue to meet the qualifications outlined below. Reviewers will be expected to perform at least two reviews annually.

The following factors are considered in selecting reviewers

  • Expertise (with a minimum of three years of experience) in healthcare related quality improvement. Expertise may be demonstrated through formal training, publications, teaching, coaching and/or accomplishments in practice or health care systems related quality improvement.
  • Willingness and availability to evaluate individual quality improvement activities and/or organizational applications to the Program. Reviewers are expected to provide unbiased, thoughtful, and informative feedback to the applicants and the Portfolio Program.
  • Willingness to participate in an introduction to the Portfolio Program and an orientation to the review process.
  • Willingness to participate in teleconferences, as needed.
  • Skill in oral, written, and web-based communication and the use of web-based programs to perform reviews.
  • Reviewers must agree to and adhere to the conflict of interest and confidentiality policies of the ABMS and the Portfolio Program, and use the existing Portfolio Program review process and templates. This includes the completion of a Disclosure form to report any potential conflicts of interest
  • Individuals reviewing sponsor applications to the portfolio program may be physicians or other health care professionals with quality or performance improvement expertise. Individuals will generally be actively working in their field; although exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Individuals reviewing sponsor organization progress reports may be physicians or other health care professionals with quality or performance improvement expertise who are actively working in their field. Physicians must be meeting the MOC requirements of their specialty.
  • Reviewers in the third category (medical subject matter experts) must be physicians actively meeting the MOC requirements of their specialty.

To apply for appointment as a reviewer, please complete the application located in the MOC Activity Manager. Once you have created an account, please provide a current curriculum vitae, then download and submit the appropriate Conflict of Interest Form.

For more information about becoming a reviewer, please contact us at Thank you very much for your interest!