Communication Guidelines for Portfolio Sponsors

The following are suggested when considering communications about the Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Approval Program (Portfolio Program):

  • External announcements about the organization’s approval as a Portfolio Sponsor are encouraged. The Portfolio Program has joint press releases available for use by Portfolio Sponsors. Internal communication to medical staff and other stakeholders is also important to the success of the Portfolio Program
  • The approval of an organization as a Portfolio Sponsor signifies a commitment to supporting physician involvement in quality improvement to improve patient care and a commitment to supporting physician participation in MOC. Portfolio Sponsor status, however, is not a measure of the quality of care an organization delivers.  Organizations may deliver high quality care and support good improvement efforts and elect not to seek Portfolio Sponsor status. Communications or promotional materials that use Portfolio Sponsor status to imply a measure of quality of care are prohibited and may be grounds for approval status being withdrawn.
  • Logos or “seals” of individual certifying Boards or the logo for the American Board of Medical Specialties as the umbrella organization for certifying Boards may not be used in any communications without the written permission of the individual Board or ABMS.

Any questions or issues related to these guidelines should be directed to