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Sponsor Qualifications

The Portfolio Program is designed for organizations that develop and oversee the implementation of multiple physician-related quality improvement efforts. To apply to the Portfolio Program, an organization must be committed to:

  • Developing, sponsoring, and overseeing multiple QI/PI efforts that meet Portfolio Program Standards and Guidelines
  • Utilizing an infrastructure for governing, evaluating, and managing QI/PI efforts for the organization, network, or area
  • Creating an internal review committee or group (or adapt an existing committee/group) to evaluate and approve QI/PI efforts for MOC Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV) credit using Portfolio Program Standards and Guidelines

To determine eligibility to participate in the Portfolio Program, access the Organizational Readiness Checklist for Program Sponsorship[PDF]. The Readiness Checklist presents a series of questions for organizations interested in program participation to help determine if the organization’s QI/PI work aligns with ABMS Portfolio Program Standards and Guidelines[PDF].

Application Process

To participate in the Portfolio Program, an organization must first submit an Organizational Profile accessed through MOCAM. The profile captures information about how an organization plans to implement and monitor quality improvement efforts and approve meaningful participation in order for physicians to receive MOC credit.

Along with the Organizational Profile, potential Sponsors may be asked to submit three QI/PI efforts that exemplify the planning, implementation, and monitoring of the program—clinical topic, goals/objectives, measures/analysis, interventions, and physician participation.

Once submitted, the application review process begins. Program Reviewers are allowed up to eight weeks to complete their evaluation. During this time, they may ask for more information, clarification, or general questions about the application. Once a decision has been made regarding the approval status of an application, the submitter will be notified electronically.

Following the review process, the Program Reviewer will determine whether or not an organization is approved as a Program Sponsor. The new Program Sponsor will be notified of the approval as well as the related terms and fees[PDF].

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