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New Collaboration between the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare and the ABMS Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program


Information for Portfolio Program Sponsors and Joint Commission Accredited Hospitals

CHICAGO – March 26, 2018 – Through a new collaboration of the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program Organization (the Portfolio Program™), board-certified physicians and physician assistants can now earn Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP) credit for their Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements by using one of the Center’s four Targeted Solutions Tools® (TSTs®) to improve quality and safety at their institutions.

The Center’s mission is to help transform health care into a high-reliability industry by developing highly effective, durable solutions to health care’s most critical safety and quality problems in collaboration with health care organizations. The Center has developed four TSTs, addressing Hand Hygiene, Hand-off Communications, Safe Surgery and Preventing Falls.

Each TST is a web-based application that guides organizations through Robust Process Improvement® (RPI®) methodology to accurately measure their baseline performance, identify their root causes and direct them to proven solutions that are customized to address each of their specific root causes.

The Portfolio Program has reviewed and pre-approved the four TST modules as a recognized activity for MOC IMP credit. Portfolio Program sponsor organizations may incorporate the TST modules into their suite of improvement options allowing physicians and physician assistants who meaningfully utilize the modules over multiple improvement cycles to earn MOC IMP credit through the Portfolio Program. Sponsors need to notify the Portfolio Program staff if offering credit for participation in the modules, but do not need to submit descriptions of these activities for additional Portfolio Program review.

Each individual user of the TST is required to obtain their own user ID and password as well as sign a TST license agreement in order to use the TST for MOC credit purposes on the CTH website. Data from improvement cycles will be entered into the online TST. The Center will look at the data and render an opinion as to whether there are enough data points and a sufficient period of engagement to help Portfolio Program sponsors determine meaningful participation.

Portfolio Program sponsors will, as they do for other improvement activities submitted through the Portfolio Program for MOC IMP credit:

  • Determine the mechanism of physician/physician assistant participation (individual vs. team)
  • Ensure and document that physicians/physician assistants are meaningfully engaged with at least one of the modules over multiple cycles
  • Submit notification of satisfactory completion to ABMS Portfolio Program staff

Joint Commission accredited hospitals that are not current Portfolio Program sponsors but wish to use the tools to help their physicians or physician assistants obtain MOC credit may do so by becoming a Portfolio Program sponsor, based on their meeting the Portfolio Program sponsor organization requirements. The pre-approval of the TST modules will help streamline the Portfolio Program sponsor application process for these hospitals.

To learn more about the Portfolio Program, contact Teena Nelson at tnelson@abms.org. For more information on the Center or the TSTs, contact John Cullinan at JCullinan@jointcommission.org.


About the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare

Created in 2008 as a nonprofit affiliate of The Joint Commission, the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare creates products and services that promote and develop high reliability in health care, including the four Targeted Solutions Tools (Hand Hygiene, Safe Surgery, Hand-off Communications and Preventing Falls) and the Oro® 2.0 High Reliability Self-Assessment web-based tool. In addition, the Center partners directly with health care organizations to assist them in building systems and structures that support high reliability transformation. The Center also provides training and program building in Robust Process Improvement – Lean Six Sigma and formal Change Management – that enables clinicians and health care workers to deliver higher quality, safer patient care as well as teaches and mentors leaders and staff as they create strong and vibrant safety and improvement cultures.

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