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VIDEO: Recipient of QI Award Talks Scalability of ABMS Portfolio Program™ Asthma Initiative

Paul Foreman, MS, MA, PhD, Project Director for the Asthma Ready® Communities (ARC) Outcomes & Policy at the University of Missouri Health Care and MU Women’s & Children’s Hospital, describes winning the ABMS Portfolio Program Outstanding Achievement in Quality Improvement Award as “a magnificent achievement” for the providers and their patients and families. What started out as a quality improvement initiative primarily in Kansas City in its first year grew to other cities and rural areas around the state in its second year. Dr. Foreman notes that the initiative can be scaled for efforts to treat asthma in children across the country.

TRANSCRIPT: “Receiving the Portfolio Program QI Award was a magnificent achievement for the University in Missouri “Asthma Ready®” communities, but much more importantly for the providers who stepped up to participate in this program in Kansas City and their patients and families that were benefited by it. Asthma is the most costly and prevalent and chronic disease in children in our state. It costs Medicaid about two hundred and fifty million dollars a year to pay for the care of the children and much of that care is delivered in emergency rooms and hospitals which is completely unnecessary. So that’s why we are engaged in battling asthma problems and trying to get that under control. We worked in that predominantly in the middle of Kansas City our first year. We’ve grown to other cities and rural areas around the state, with providers, hospitals, and clinics in the second year. We believe this project is very scalable to other Medicaid programs throughout the nation and other hospitals and federally qualified health centers and other states.”

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